Every body

No, it’s not my broken English.

Everybody is different, every body is different too.

When choosing your perfect career, you will hear advice: follow your passion, know your personality type and so on. These are all valid points.


There’s one underlying reason for passions, personality, and talents.

It’s your body.

If none of known jobs seem to fit you, then maybe you need to adjust your body condition.

Let me give you an example.

I have a condition called undermethylation. Basically, my body doesn’t detoxify well.

Usually, when you live, your body produces “molecular trash”. Then, it puts it into “molecular trash bags” and then takes that stuff outside for the garbage collectors to pick it up.

My body does it with only about 20% of the trash.

The rest 80%?

Stays indoors. Unless you help the body with a supplement called TMG.

The symptoms include: insomnia, lack of focus, light and sound sensitivity, body weakness, “brain fog”, faster aging and many other things that you don’t want. All that any employer wouldn’t want in their employee either. No surprise, I had tough time getting and staying in jobs.

Let’s look at it from the “mind” point of view.

There’s an interesting point…

Light and sound sensitivity, and sensitivity in general, is linked (by many authors) to being introverted. And I was very introverted.

One more interesting point…

After starting my supplements, my personality changed!

I became more outgoing, more positive.

I could work 11-hour work days and 6-day work weeks. So, obviously, my job options expanded.

Before supplementation, there would be no way for me to keep writing a blog, ever. I would have given up a week after starting.

After supplementation, I started a reasonably successful business, made more money than I ever did before and became generally much happier.

My point is this: learn your body. Don’t concentrate on your personality too much. Personality is a product of your body.

If you suspect that something in your body is “broken”, find it and fix it. It took me about 8 years to find and fix my problem. Never give up!

As I said before, if all jobs seem to be a bad fit, then you need to change your body condition.

Talents, intelligences and skills – are all physical (bodily) factors, not mental.

Know your body and you will know your perfect job.

What job could your body do well?

Let me know in the comments!

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